Pennsylvania At Risk

Lindenwold Estate is now on the Pennsylvania At Risk list! This is a list of Pennsylvania's 8 most endangered historic resources. Below, I have provided the description of Lindenwold Estate as taken from their website. 

Lindenwold, 701 S. Bethlehem Pike, (Ambler) Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County

THREAT: Historic Character Compromised by Development
Lindenwold is currently under an agreement of sale to a development team that hopes to establish a residential community on this 45 acre estate.


The developer believes that by preserving "the castle,” the main entrance, two gate houses, a walking path, sunken garden, lake and 19 acres of open space, they are doing the right thing. But because the character-defining landscape will be negatively impacted by the removal of more than 1500 mature trees, regrading of the site, and the construction of approximately 350 housing units and a parking garage, the community is not satisfied.

The essential historic character of the property, built by Dr. Richard V. Mattison, "the man who built Ambler," will not be preserved by the proposed intensive development. To preserve this historic estate, alternative development plans should be explored.

Click here for the official press release!

Conditional Use Hearing

Oct 20 at 7 PM at the township building!! 

The developers will be presenting their new plans to the planning commissioners, who will then write a recommendation for the commissioners. This is a very important step in the development process!!

This is an opportunity for us to let the commissioners know that we DO NOT agree to the plan!

Here is a copy of the meeting notice: