We are residents working to prevent the loss of open space and history at Lindenwold Estate for the benefit of the community and future generations.

You may know it as The Castle, or St. Mary's Villa.  You know the place, you drive past it on Bethlehem Pike.  It's the last bit of open space that could become something great in our community.

Developers are proposing to build a private, gated, residential complex of 378 units at Lindenwold Estate. This would consist of townhomes, carriage houses, three story condominiums and a four story senior living center. The developers are currently seeking approval from the Upper Dublin Township commissioners.


We have a better plan.  Imagine lakeside picnics, playing catch with your kids, open air movies, fishing in the lake, dinner at the castle or strolling through the gardens with your loved ones.  

Imagine this last significant piece of open space becoming a destination and a hub for our community.

We want to preserve and open the castle, lake, sunken garden and other beautiful spaces to the community, closed to us for so many years.