We want to create a place where people want to gather and spend time with each other, relaxing, exercising, or playing.  But a place more than open fields and walking paths.  

We want to reuse the historic buildings and structures to support this special place.  Turn them into cafes, hotels, picnic spots, and other businesses that will help make the space a more exciting place to be.

The location is perfect with the high school and other township buildings only a few minutes away to turn this last significant piece of open land into a destination and a hub for our community.

How can this happen?

We believe the key to this is a public / private partnership between the township and one or more businesses or developers interested in forward, out-of-the-box thinking.  

The township would acquire the land for public space.  The other party would acquire the buildings for commercial interests complimentary to the overall goals of the space.

What kind of commercial interests specifically?

Cafes where you can get a coffee, brunch or a snack during the day.  A high end hotel and restaurant in historic setting.  Equipment rentals for the lake, such as fishing permits or canoes.  Events such as weddings, graduations and more.

Won't commercial interests destroy the site?

The key to preserving this land is to reuse it in a sound, sustainable and viable manner, and in a manner which is not entirely different than its original purpose.  A hotel or high end restaurant would leverage the historical details to improve themselves, and a hotel is not much different than a large house.  And it's public, so we can all visit.