The Sisters of St. Mary currently lease the property to The Villa, who operates the current facilities.  They are selling the property and The Villa has not had their lease renewed.

Why are they selling?

While only the sisters can say for sure, we have been told that a significant factor is the reclassification of Loch Linden dam, which creates the lake.  The reclassification (to a more strict standard) will require work which the sisters are not interested in undertaking.

When is the sale?

Currently the property is not yet sold, and is pending a successful change to the desired residential zoning and township approval.  As of Nov. 2014, the property has been rezoned, but their conditional use application has not been approved yet. Once they receive the approval, the developers will likely purchase the property and begin construction.

What are they proposing to build?

The developers are currently proposing to build a private, gated, residential complex of a minimum 378 units at Lindenwold Estate. This would consist of townhomes, carriage houses, and a four story senior living center.

They have however stated the zoning change would allow them to build significantly more than that number.

This is their proposed zoning amendment

Note that they are looking for 55% impervious ground cover - that means the amount of ground that has been made such that water can not be absorbed into it.  Your own property is likely limited to about 30%.

This is a map of their proposed development.