"Resolution granting preliminary and final land development plan for Mattision Estate"

I am extremely disappointed and quite frankly sad to report that the UD board of commissioners voted to pass the "resolution granting preliminary and final land development plans for the Mattison Estate”. It was a 6-1 vote, with Liz Ferry, being the lone no vote. What is so bad is that a> community was not made aware of this agenda item in advance b> there are still many conditions not fulfilled c> there is not a cross agreement among the FIVE different entities that will own this property. In a sense the process just almost seems illegal…..This project was bad at the start and it has changed and morphed all for the worse and the board of commissions seem to have little regard for doing the right thing for our community, this property and the neighbors. Developers calling the shots and it appears we are letting them. This development will not come before the board of commissioners again...............the developer is off and running....there should be meetings with various committees but that is it....done! So sad!

I will continue to keep you informed as I hear of meetings and watch the development and as its ensuing problems occur! Please keep up the fight, let your commissioners know how you feel, write an op-ed and spread the word!!